Saying Farewell

It has not been a particularly busy week for me. But sometime last Saturday, I’ve got a bit of a head cold and so the week passed by in a sort of a daze. Coupled with some rather interesting family development, the end result was a rather unproductive week where it was spent between managing family affairs, my cold and saying goodbye.

So this week, I finally said goodbye to a very dear friend of mine. I would be lying if I said that her leaving would not affect me. I think a huge chunk of my morose mood would be attributed to the thought of the year ahead without S. Despite the world being loads smaller -what with the internet and the cheaper flights, it means the end (for now) the random phone calls when you need someone to bitch with, the discussions on Bollywood movies and the long hours at a nice cafe.

Someone once said a nasty thing to my sister, ‘You don’t know what it’s like to grow up with friends you’ve known all your life.’ The remark, although not directed at me hurt quite a bit. Because unlike most people, they’re right, I don’t know what it’s like to have grown up with friends all my life, my friends have been transitory and one of the reasons, why I feel I’m quite distant with people I meet for the first time is because what I’ve only known in my short life so far are that friendships in the same physical location tends to be transitory. It’s always hard to say goodbye.

I do not resent S for leaving, but I will miss her for leaving. I am happy that she’s off to pursue her MBA at perhaps the best university in the world 😉 (at least in my opinion). She’s my second friend to go there – I’m a ridiculously proud recruiter for my alma mater.

But there are days where I wish where I would always have friends that I know off in the same place for a while. Perhaps it is not written in my destiny  to be so. It’s alright – it just means that in my life I have been blessed to meet so many brilliant people, even at that short moment. And here’s to our friendship, my dear. I am wishing and praying for all the best to one of the loveliest persons I’ve met.You go get your dreams, girl!


Up! made me teary-eyed. I loved the story, I loved the characters but if I’m being honest with myself, I’m getting a little tired of what I now can dub the Pixar formula.

It’s starting to feel the way I did with the Dresden Files. I was thoroughly addicted to Harry Dresden – was consuming a book every other day. Splurged and spent RM 300 in one day buying nearly about eight books of the series. When somewhere in Book 7, I suddenly got bored of the man and haven’t continued with the series since.


Ramadhan is tomorrow. Ramadhan Karim everyone or Selamat Berpuasa!


4 comments on “Saying Farewell

  1. Zayni says:

    Pffffffft. Best university in the world? Hwahwahwahwa.

    As for childhood friends, I’ve been accepting applications for them. Anyone interested? Yes yes?

    • Adlina says:

      You’re just jealous you didn’t go to Warwick University. There’s where all the cool kids are.

      Heck, I bet if the Doctor could choose where to go – he’d go to Warwick.

  2. Eizwan says:

    Didn’t he? 😉

  3. PJ says:

    yes im sure i saw the Doctor at Warwick. lol.

    hey adlina, i think it is your bday cos i got an e-mail reminder from Hi5 or something.

    Happpppppppy Birthdayyyyyyyy!!!

    even if its not have a fabulous day. 😉

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