Yesterday…all my troubles seem so faraway

So yesterday.

Yesterday was a strange day. I could take yesterday as one of those lousy, awful, good for nothing days but looking back yesterday, I think I took it pretty well, considering…

Considering, let’s see:

1. My car won’t start

2. The news.

But there were some good stuff: Adil and Shida’s wedding. I seem to have a habit of making friends with people who marry each other. Not a bad thing of course, but it does mean I have to attend both bride and groom’s side to a wedding. At the risk of looking like I’m one hard up person for weddings, I just don’t feel right only attending one side: a bit like I’m favouring one over the other.

But anyway. Caught up with Shahril, Pablo, Ded, Safa and Faren where we made very stupid comments (we were hungry!) and giggled like a bunch of teenagers through out the event. For some reason everything cracked us up – must have been the lovely chocolate cake Sime Darby supplied. When Adil’s father appeared on screen, Shahril remarked that would be Adil, 20 years time.

“Do you think our children will be attending his kid’s weddings thirty years time?”

“Yes. Probably,” I said. “Probably making as many stupid comments as we are now.”

Cue: Dissolving into giggles.

Looking back, we weren’t particularly witty but I think when lunch is served late, and the other alternative is to be grumpy and sulk, I think laughing inanely helps.

But the car. Oh the car. I have no idea what’s wrong with the car, although based on expert opinion (thank you Google!), I’ve narrowed it down to either the starters or the batteries. One article I read said that if there was build up, it could cause problems with the connection and there is some build up. I’m not very mechanicall-y, rather the stereotype girl when it comes to cars and tuning but I think I’ll try and clean the battery with Eizwan’s help this week before dragging my oh-so-irresponsible feet to AAM and paying the RM 180 so that they could tow my car to professionals.

Later that evening, I received some awful news. Not to go into detail about it and providing further gossip fodder for well but to summarize. I’m Asian. I have strange concepts that I adhere to such as water-face (air muka). And this had affected me there terribly, I’m learning to let go, it’ll take me a few days…I’ll get better eventually. The post helps tremendously, writing it always does help.

It’s password protected but sorry guys, no clue this time. Message me and I’ll email you the password.

So Facebook or email me if you want to read it. Don’t be offended if I don’t give you the password though – depending on which circles we hang about with, I don’t want to be the cause of any malicious ill-will either.

Read somewhere that as a writer, you’re naturally very angry – comes with the territory. Not quite a writer just yet – writing one or two articles and a play does not maketh me a writer just yet. But you get what I mean.


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