Of Swimming, Tigers and Being Loved

So Stringbean due to the unfortunate weather conditions and my less than reliable pair of lungs, have been on-and-off again. But this morning, I woke up to sunlight streaming through the crack in my curtains, meaning yes! The sun has broken through the dust particles in the sky andit is a morning that I could swim.

So off to swim I went, probably the first time in a week and a bit.

Stamina, as expected was at an all-time low, my arms ached during my freestyle and I was finding it difficult to remember the twist my core. But, stroke count has improved massively! I’m quite, quite chuffed by this one, and hoping I’d improve some more!


I like swimming in the mornings. Mostly because the only people at the pool early in the morning tend to be the elderly, there are few younger people i.e twenty to thirty somethings in the pool. It does not make me feel weird, actually, younger people make me feel very weird. It’s this bizarre competitive feeling that inevitably crops up when they’re there – like I can swim better and faster than you. And there will inevitably be a mad dash through the pool where we’re swimming as fast as we can and we’re both thoroughly exhausted at the end.

Older people don’t really bother you, they’ve been there for years, whilst us young uns are faddish – we’ll move on to the next hip and happening exercise regime when the time comes. But they’re quite chatty and they do talk to you in between laps.

One older man asked me today where I’ve been. “Haven’t been seeing you around.”

I pointed to the sky. “Haze. Been affecting my asthma.”

“Ooh? That’s not good.”

I smile, about to continue my next lap when he suddeny said, “You should go to the zoo.”

This is the point where I pretend to understand what is going on. My training in government has helped me a lot.


“Yes, the zoo. Get some dead tigers. You should eat some of them. It will help your asthma.”

I really should start a list of the bizarre things I’ve been recommended to eat that would help my asthma. So far, colostrum, alligators and tigers top the list.

Though, I guess people are trying to help me get better so I should not feel so ungrateful. Or perplexed.


I am feeling very much loved. Like uber-loved. I’ve been writing without chapters for my story, it’s not a habit that I recommend but I started doing so due to Nanowrimo. As some of you may know, Nanowrimo requires you to do a word count, and so I did without chaptering to help the word count.

I was telling Eizwan yesterday that I’ve been having problems seeing where I was going, since my story feels like one gigantic chunk as opposed to smaller digestible pieces. Eizwan said he’ll see what he could do and just left it at that.

This morning, I woke up and in my Inbox, Eizwan compiled my writing into one word document, broke the story up into chapters and even created a table of contents that links to the chapters.

After the swim this morning, I’m on a real natural high!


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