Stringbean postponed?

So…it is a dull, grey Wednesday morning. I woke up early thinking I’d go for a swim but with the haze become a bit of an issue lately, and early morning, with the mists and the rain, sometimes it’s not easy to tell whether the grey skies are due to a lovely shower or smoke billowing from Sumatra.

Well, it helps that I’m oh-so-lazy and it’s just adding to my list of excuses to drag my sorry ass out of bed to go swim. So instead, I assure myself I’ll go swimming in the afternoon after I ascertain that the dull skies is just typical monsoon weather as oppposed to unseeing dust particles just waiting to wreck my lungs.



It’s a terribly boring week this week but after the excitement that was this weekend (of seeing Manchester United and spending nearly 4 hours in total of traffic – lovely), I’m rather looking forward to doing nothing.

Well, almost nothing, I really have to finish my novel. I know I’ve been saying that for the past year already – starting to sound like a broken record – to think that future generations will find that statement quaint! – starting to sound like a skipping CD – dang, that’s quaint too! It’s all mp3s these days  – anyway, I really have to stop saying certain things and just do it. I blog about it mostly hoping by making public declarations, I’d shame myself into doing something with my life. Instead, I find my shame has no bounds, I can blog about it and not do it.

Perhaps I find inspiration from local Malaysian politics? – I kid. Let’s not talk about Malaysian politics, it’s cumbersome, tiring and frankly uninspiring.

But I really want to finish that damned thing, I want to get around to editing it and then start something new. And then I can flog the thing, I’m not optimistic, it would be too hardbreaking to be optimistic at this point.

Alright, enough blogging. Time for some breakfast and to do some work.


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