So…the training session

The training session was…interesting.

Well, no, it was actually boring, and standing around crazy rabid Manchester United fans was the interesting/borderline scary part. For the most part, I felt ultra-feminine amidst all the testosterone in the audience.

Although, ironically, with all these men screaming each time Rooney or Berbatov waves at them reminds me of how I would, predictably swoon if I were to ever meet David Tennant.

Not that I’ve met David Tennant. But I would like to. And I do predict I would be screaming or swooning or a combination of both when I do see him. Like the boys in the stadium yesterday.

Hmph. Men.

It felt odd being in the audience, considering I’m a fake fan. Fake because I support them by cheering their score…when I read it in the papers the next day. Talking trash about Liverpool or Arsenal supporters (because it’s so easy!). I am proud to recognize most of the bigger players (man, these men were buff!) – like Rooney, Berbatov, Giggs but none of the others. Well by face anyway.To top it all off – I wore my brother’s shirt, and today, will wear his kit so that I look like a real proper fan.

I am the stereotypical sister/girlfriend/wife fan. The types that give the scary female fans a bad rep.

But I am able to somewhat redeem myself because I KNOW THE OFFSIDE RULE. Hah!

The haze was absolutely awful yesterday, I spent most of the evening sneezing and imagine poor Scholes was not having too much of a gala time either (he’s asthmatic too!) but I had a fairly amusing time. Malaysians are so desperate for greatness, for our idols that we cheer at…Every. Single. Thing. Rooney waved! Yayyy! The coach picked up the ball! Yayyyy!! Berbatov missed the water bottle thrown at him. Awwww!!Yayyy!!

I don’t know. I felt a combination of endearment and pity for our rabid love for Manchester United.

It’s the same feeling I had when I saw Federer the last time he came. I adore the man, if he wasn’t having babies with Mirka, I’d have babies with him too (I think he comes in 3rd or 4th in the list of men I’d like to have babies with) but it’s frustrating, you know? It’s awesome to see Federer/Manchester United with my own eyes but it’s not the same as watching a real match.

And being in the crowd yesterday made me feel that kind of restlessness I’ve been feeling this past year. It’s not enough I see Federer’s exhibition match – I want to see him play in the Finals. It’s not enough I see MU potentially trashing my poor Malaysian team, I want to see them in a Premier League match. I want Malaysia to be able to host a real game, where the stakes are high and everything is real. I want the real deal.

As Belle sang impassionedly in Beauty and the Beast – “There must be more than this provincial life!”

Ah well. Round 2 tonight. I am so not looking forward to the crazy traffic I’d have to suffer through. Took me two hours to get home yesterday.

But Eizwan’s coming home tonight. There’s always a good thing in everything that happens =)


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