Can I elope?

Warning: Grumpy post ahead

Today was the first day that I went back swimming again. After only a week and a bit of being out of swimming, my stamina was well, shit really. Usually I do 20 laps without much of a fuss but I was done after 10 laps and was thoroughly exhausted at the end.

*Sigh* It’s going to take me ages to get my stamina back. Curse you asthma.


Every so often, despite feeling like I’ve got a handle on all-things-wedding, I would suddenly panic a little and then go back on a wedding overdrive. Yesterday, the panic was about the dress as I’ve no idea who to turn to do my dress.

So till late last night, I browsed through sappy wedding blog after sappy wedding blog expounding the virtues of their hunny (my poor fiancee…his future wife has a heart of stone) and their every. Single. Detail. About. The. Wedding. Of. Their. Dreams.

At points, I felt like shaking these girls by the shoulders, screaming ‘Get a grip!’. There is more to life than getting married, there is more to life than playing house and having babies.

Actually, I thank God for their need to excessively share every part of their lives because I’ve finally figured out where I might be able to tailor my dress. I’m not going to link the links here, it’s not quite nice to mock someone and then link them back (okay, I’m a coward) but they’re out there if you know how to look.

God, they’re really sappy.

If I start being all cloyingly sweet (or unnecessarily nasty) blame it on reading through nearly 10 of those blogs last night. I could not quite write last night (haha, blaming others) as my thoughts and the mood sort of deteriorated along with the blogs. As soon as I began to write, I felt that my characters were starting to deteriorate, I could not get the feel that I’ve been getting for the past one week about the world that I’ve created. My characters are now wedding-obsessed AND they seem to have stepped out of some shrieky Malay drama.

And then at today’s bridal fair, my mood was further un-enhanced having to battle through some women who felt like it’s the appropriate place to start their vendor negotiation. Honey, your wedding is not till 10th October 2010 (urgh, tacky dates). Move along now, you have time and give THE REST OF KUALA LUMPUR a chance to talk to the vendor.

Not to mention, I dreamt again, for the fifth time that the groom’s weddng party arrived on the wedding day and not only do I not have anything to wear, I’ve done virtually nothing. So I had to sort of make do with my only baju kurung in my closet on my wedding, a very bright purple outfit that I wore to my cousin’s wedding years ago and slapping on some make up. I looked like a bum for my own wedding.

This foreshadowing doth me no good.

Yes, I only have one baju kurung in my closet. Wait, no. Two. The second one is one that I use at every single wedding other than family’s. Wait, including family.



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