Is RBDJ becoming popular here?

I was at Euromoda yesterday, well, not exactly at Euromoda, walked by it as I waited for my parents and listened to the disco they put on during their sales. Euromoda is a fabric shop and somehow they feel that putting on music with a techno beat will somehow encourage shoppers to shop in a frenzy.

I don’t see why they bother anyway; it’s not like Euromoda is never in a perpetual state of shopping madness.

Anyway, as I waited, I could hear the distinct strains of Dance Pe Chance and Haule Haule in the shop.

Egads NO!

What if Rab ne Bana Di Jodi is finally becoming popular in Malaysia? And by the time it becomes absolutely mad, I’d be bored with the film. And then I have to suffer through everyone talking about it, a bit like how I found Hoobastank’s The Reason way before it became popular. By the time it did, I really hated Hoobastank.

And another part of me hopes that RBDJ does not become popular….making it a little secret between you and me. It’s fun to be in a secret.


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