Writer’s Block…meh!

I have an awful case of writer’s block. It’s been going on now for about a week and I’ve been staring at my pc for a while now with the Microsoft Word file open and I blink, blink a few times before I go back to surfing the net and reading articles like why Transformers don’t make sense. I rarely agree with articles such as these…after all, I have to explain to people my favourite TV show on the planet is about an alien who travels in a phone box…so…what’s mechanical aliens, eh?

But when writer’s block strikes, it strikes hard. I hate wasting my time staring in front of a screen and unable to fill up the white space with words, and then inevitably, it starts spiralling into a cycle of doubt and self-loathing and I wonder why do I bother.

I sit and cry a little, whilst eating a tub of ice-cream and watch Hindi movies to make myself feel better. And then watch silly youtube videos like top 10 80s cartoon theme. Ch-ch-ch-chip and Dale! Rescue Rangers!

On a more serious note though, writer’s block is usually a sign that somewhere in my writing, a story, or a character, usually the flow of my story has gone wrong. And I can’t quite figure out right now where I’ve gone wrong. Going back through all the stuff I’ve written out is quite intimidating as well, I see all the mistakes I’ve made and the thought of editing is intimidating.

I start writing mini-pieces which I call my mood pieces, basically stuff that isn’t part of the original storyline that I’m aiming for but captures whatever mood or feeling I want my characters to go through. Some of them are indulgent (read: romantic) which chances are would never make it to the final cut of anything I write. I rarely write romance, it’s hard to make it sincere without sounding cheesy. That and because I have a heart of stone. Really.

Ah well. I don’t have that much time to write. I’ve a challenge (amidst my gazillion challenges that I give myself) to complete by the time Eizwan returns from his holiday on the 18th. The challenge? To complete the first draft of the novel in its entirety by the 18th of July. I’m about 75% complete, shouldn’t take me too long after that.

I promise to take a picture of the completed product. Now, hopefully I will have a title by then. I have a tentative title right now, but it’s nothing that I particularly fancy.

I really don’t want to think about what happens next. Well, what happens next would be editing and then flogging the motherload for publishing. That publishing step is terrifying and nerve-wrecking but I gotta try it right? Who knows what will happen then.

Till then, adieu. I’m off to nurse my sore throat and do a bit of writing.

Oooh! Oooh! Day 8 Operation Stringbean: 37 minutes and 36 seconds. Yeah, my arms could barely move.


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