Operation Stringbean Explained

So….haven’t been blogging in a while. I have an excuse though. Whatever free time I have these days is usually spent sleeping since in between, I have to work, my still-unfulfilled-ambitions as a novelist, Stringbean and the wedding prep. Urgh. Wedding prep. Let’s not talk about the wedding for once, lest I explode with the fury of a volcano that’s just been waiting and waiting till you know what?! Kablooey.

Yes. Let’s not. Thank God I have one year, because I might just kill people had it only been six months. Breathing in and breathing out. Staying calm.

Ahem. Anyway. Reasons for the naps? I’ve been string-beaning.  I have to admit, I quite like this operation I made up. My mum wakes me up on certain days to remind me to string bean. And friends ask me “How’s stringbean?” I find it catchy and somewhat motivating, this desire to look like a stringbean.

So in between writing, work, napping and Stringbean, that leaves very little time for me to blog. I’d open the New Entry page and promptly fall asleep at the table, forehead on table, fingers on keyboard and a cat on my head since cats take pleasure in your discomfort.

But since my blog has sort of taken the place of my diary, I am compelled to document Stringbean since it is quite exciting for me. But of course, not all forms of exercise is interesting for the reader, so I’ve chopped a chunk of for your benefit, alright?What is Stringbean?

I was inspired to do Stringbean after a friend of mine has started to up the ante on her fitness regime to doing cardio about 40 minutes a day, weight training 3 times a week and pilates twice a week and um…when I saw her, the first thing I thought of was ‘Stringbean’. She was tall and slim and reminded me of a stringbean. In a good way of course.

She’s always been an inspiration to me, and she encouraged me to do a form of exercise that I enjoyed to keep fit. After much thought (and various forms of sports I’ve tried and given up over the years), I’ve figured the only sport that I truly have loved over the years is swimming.

So the challenge is 1km a day for 30 days to push the limits of my strength.

How’s it going so far?

Day 1 to 4 was absolutely awful. I had tremendous amout of energy on Day 1 after the swim but progressively got more and more exhausted as each day went on. Well, on Day 5, I totally crashed and had to skip a day.

So how’s Stringbean?

My answer to that is that it’s been good. The first four days were terribly exhausting. The first four days I walked around like a zombie. I was no fun with friends. I would meet up with them, have a decent conversation and then my eyes would glaze over and my mind would float away. Or I’d fall asleep during my evenings with Eizwan. Like literally. He’d be talking and I’d be fast asleep.

Belle of the ball I was.

On Day 5 despite attempting to go, my muscles were screaming and I was just unable to stay awake for a time longer than 5 minutes. So I had to give it a rest 😦 and that was the day I missed it.

So far, so good. Am currently on Day 7 with a total time of 36 mins and 34 seconds (with rest in between) to conclude 1km. I do feel tons stronger, I may develop swimmer’s shoulders but I don’t feel it matters since I feel fitter than I have in days.

But it’s only Day 7. Ask me again on Day 15.

Why are you doing this?

Because I want to see if I look like a stringbean at the end of this operation. No, seriously though, it’s a combination of vanity and health reasons. I need to get healthier, I want to lose weight for the wedding next year and I want to challenge myself. I want to see if I can push myself to do something like this, when I treasure my couch-potatoness.


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