I don’t write about Eizwan frequently. Like who he is, and what he does or what he means to me.  I used to mock people who write about their S.O’s in lovey-dovey language because I feel that they’re being dishonest with themselves; that you can’t possibly love someone that much and say “Myaaah! I wuv you hunnyyyyy!” or “Miss you babyyyyy” all over the net. I see love as a very private emotion and it’s hard for me to even talk to people about our relationship.

Which of course, brings next year into a big dilemma. Getting married, well, that’s a very public thing. I mean, you could actually just run into the kadi‘s office and get him to do the nikah without anyone present, but I’d break my grandparent’s hearts. It’s quite a feat to be able to actually say aloud to everyone present and to God, that this is the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. It’s mind boggling at least for me, that in one sentence you are bound to each other in the eyes of the law and in the hereafter. And to do it in PUBLIC!

This is what happen when you watch too many hindi movies, you think too much about family values and marriage etc.

How do other people do it? I figure the easiest way for me to get over the anxiety of getting married, the responsibilities and the forever-ness is to focus on the unimportant details, like you know, the cake, the dress (THE DRESS! DOES ANYONE KNOW A GOOD TAILOR!) and the decor. But I am thoughtful. Right now, Eizwan is just Eizwan. Will he change from The Eizwan to The Husband on June 4th 2010?

Right now, I can be selfish, I can have one foot out the door and my daydreams which may or may not be naughty be with David Tennant who may or not be there. Does that mean that once I marry, all my daydreams must include my husband? And David Tennant?

I kid. But I am a little worried, even more so when married couples snark “Just WAIT till you get married, see if you’re that lovey-dovey,” when they chance upon us being a little affectionate with each other. Does that mean, fast forward five years after our wedding, our fun-loving selves will somehow deteriorate into snarky, unhappy people with a squealy baby and mild resentment under the surface?

It all boils down to the incredible question: why do you want to get married? That question makes me nervous. Can we actually articulate why we want to get married in coherent sentences? Is it the right answer? What about the slight doubts under the surface, is this what you signed up for? Where’s  Prince Charming The Doctor? The knight Doctor in shining armour a pinstripe suit riding his stallion Tardis?

How do you know you’re not losing out on something better?

Lately Eizwan and I have been watching my stash of Hindi movies. Well, it’s a compromise, for every Hindi movie we watch, I watch TWO bang-bang action movies (a deal that was brokered by my brother) with him. Most men AREN’T into Hindi movies and I have to commend him for sitting through Aditya Chopra’s Rab ne Bana di Jodi, a three hour SRK love-fest.

But on Monday, on the way home after a really good meal at TGIFs, Eizwan switched on a song and squeezed my hand as he drove.This coming from the same person last year who refused to listen to Abba much less Hindi music?

When someone asks me why I want to get married, how do I explain how I felt when I sat in the car and heard this song? It’s not as practical as “I want to marry to further our relationship” or “This is about us making a new life and sharing responsibilities together.”

But it’s no less powerful.

Happy 29th birthday my dear. I love you.


8 comments on “Eizwan

  1. Zayni says:

    Ew muppiness.


    Happy-early birthday from Scottyland, Eizwan.

  2. Aisha - Warwick says:

    Congrats to you and Eizwan on your forthcoming marriage!

    Been married for over 4 years now, and even though we work in the same office, we still very much enjoy each others’ company 🙂

    As long as you share the same ‘main’ values, InshaAllah, your spouse will always be special to you, long into the future.

    But ask me again after 60 years!

    Take care and regards to the Warwickians…


    • Adlina says:

      Awww, shucks! Thanks Aisha! I am a tad nervous about next year, but we’ve doing well for the past 6 years so here’s to many more…when we live with each other! Now let’s hope that there won’t be any plates flying about next year when we argue. Economy is bad, can’t keep buying plates!

      Kidding, but I am very much looking forward to something a wee bit different next year!

      Will do re: Warwick fellows. They’re all married with babies these days!

  3. PJ says:

    awwww….never thought you would do mushy mushy stuff on your blog. lol.

    its really sweet. i felt very touched reading this entry.

    Happy Birthday Eizwan!!! I am sure you will be a wonderfull hubby.

    wish you both many many years of love and Hindi movies!


    • Adlina says:

      Awww…I try not to write mushy stuff. It makes my brain leak out of my ears and I find it difficult to scoop it back into the skull. Might leave some bits of brain matter on the floor.

      Kidding! Did I gross you out?

      Thank you so much for your wishes! Here’s to more Hindi movies (as Eizwan weeps at the side for his Transformers and Terminator….)

  4. xav says:

    awwww!!!!!!! you killed me with your mushiness! good stuff.

    i think if you both have the will to remain mushy then it’ll remain so 🙂

    and i think it’s perfectly fine to want to get married for its own sake. the fact is you both want to do it so that’s that!

    happy b-day to your man!

    • Adlina says:

      Mwahahaha! Death by mush!! Mwahahahahahah!

      Thank you for your kind wishes!! It made me feel tons better =) Now are you coming to KL one of these days?

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