Things to Do, People to Draw

Why I love my friends:

Sheila was sharing a story about a friend who called her up panicky, one evening. Sheila, ever the dramatist, told the story perfectly:

“He called me up, his voice low and traumatised. And then he said, dramatically, ‘I’ve done something I shouldn’t have,”

“What did he do?” I asked, ever hungry for gossip.

“I know! I was like, ‘Geez, what on earth did you do?’ I asked, him, ‘Did you kill someone? and he was like, ‘No. But I must talk to you.’ All these questions raced through my mind, ‘Did you kill someone? Did you elope? Did you get someone pregnant?’

“Or ‘Did you make a bad bet that compromised the Malaysian reserves?'” interrupted SW pragmatically.

We’re such geeks that we kill ourselves sometimes.


I’ve not written about writing in ages. That’s not to say I haven’t been writing. I think it’s fair to say that when I am writing about writing, it’s probably I’m not writing, if you get what I mean.

Happily enough, my work on my first ever novel is moving along. It’s about 70 percent done, and since Eizwan challenged me to finish it by the time he gets back from England next month, I would be more in a more than comfortable region of completing it next month. And then the editing process will begin and I will have to tighten up my research since I want to be comfortable with the world I’m writing in.

My target is two rounds of massive editing before *gasp*I will send it off for publication. Yeah, it’s a long shot but hey, you never know till you try.

I’m also learning to draw right now. I’m hopeless at drawing, but I suspect my hopelessness is due to the years I’ve convinced myself that I can’t draw. It’s not quite an overnight decision to learn to draw, and it’s not quite like I have a lot of time on my hands to actually pick up a pencil and sit down and doodle for hours on end.

But I’ve been thinking about drawing for quite some time now, I know JK Rowling draws and so does Russell T Davies. It’s not to say to write that you must be able to draw, certainly, there are plenty of writers out there who will openly admit they can’t draw for peanuts. But there  are times when it is difficult to express in words, it would be nice to see my characters and the world I’ve created come to life.

All this, alongside my crazy idea of trying to get back into my French swing of things, and exercising to lose weight for the wedding…oh crap! Yes, and planning for the wedding, it just shows how hectic my life will get. And Eizwan’s birthday is this Sunday, mucho fun!

For now, I bid you adieu, I have a huge word limit to catch up to!


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