Desi Girl


And I is back.

A lot browner from all the sun, a lot chubbier from the kulfis, rasmalais and gulab jamuns. It had been an abso-fucking-lutely awesome trip: from the food, to the places we went, to the crazy, very crazy experiences that every city held.

Every city in India had its charms, every city was absolutely mad. Often I thought that my experiences had got to be from the crack addict’s imagination, from the Kashmiri carpet man who insisted that I. MUST. BUY. HIS. CARPETS. OR. ELSE to the cross-eyed pervy tour guide in Mumbai, it has been an incredible journey.

And I truly, truly hope that I would be able to spend a little each day to share it here, because it’d truly be a shame to forget the trip just like that. Other than that, I’m baaaack!!


One comment on “Desi Girl

  1. sleeplessinoffice101 says:

    first day when you were gone, the girls and I was like.. uuhh!! where’s Adlina? Why is she late today… so f***ing late. Some of MOTHBRAIN liquids are going to spill like crazy today. then.. Peik Hoon said “she is in India lah… having a good time…” I was like… so missing you… up to today… sob..sob..sob…

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