India, Here I Come!

I haven’t been back to India for a good 7 years and so when the opportunity arose for me to go to India again, of course I jumped at the chance!

I’ll be flying off in four hours, I’m nervous, yes I am. I wonder how much Delhi has changed, how much it remained the same. I can’t wait to see India again, I am very fond of the country, I’m fond of the small things that make Delhi amazing.

I lived in India from the ages of 14 to 19. When I flew from England to go “back home”, it was to Delhi and not to Malaysia. The last day before I left Delhi for good, I remembered crying my heart out and it had hurt to leave the country I have called home.

But here we are, as fate would have it, I have a chance to go back and visit. I’m nervous all the same, India wasn’t easy then, I wonder if it’s going to be any easier now. So many things to look forward to today, I’m glad for it. Hopefully there will be net access so I can continuously update y’all but if not! See you in two weeks time!


2 comments on “India, Here I Come!

  1. alwaysindian says:

    wow! very nice blog… i can understand the pain of being away from your country and the joy of visiting your country again! Would love to hear more from ya… 🙂 Cheers!

  2. alwaysindian says:

    And Happy Journey! Enjoy!

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