Another working Monday spent at home. I hate the thought of being the kind of person who easily falls sick from stress (which is utterly bizarre considering school days and uni was infinitely more stressful than work sometimes) but it’s starting to be the case. From my cold that I suffered from two weeks back to my on-and-off again asthma problems this weekend, I have decided to stay home and recover fully. I highly doubt getting on the public transport will help me, as many compliments I give to our LRT (and I’m not being sarcastic here), the epitome of public health is not it. Everyone on the LRT has either the sniffles or the cough, it’s a cess pool of germs just waiting to get to you.

Makes you kinda wish they’d spray those funky things  on the flights to London on the LRT. We are from the Tropics! We bring DISEASE! Spray us!!

This weekend was uneventful really, I spent most of it sleeping and then when Eizwan came over on Sunday, I spent most of that time, simpering and moaning (like anyone who is ill should ) and Eizwan gave in to a lot of my ridiculous demands, such as watching Pride and Prejudice, the 6 HOUR, Colin Firth version just because I was ill. And not moving from the sofa for a good five hours.

We only moved when my dad started watching the uber-optimistic film Paradise Now and as one of the main characters sat on the toilet seat looking forlornly at the C4 strapped around his chest,  we thought, yep, it’s time to go out and maybe get a breath of fresh air.

Going out was not a good idea. Eizwan’s been looking for the soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire and we thought O.U might just be the place. Not a very good idea. It was super crowded and the queues to restaurants reached ridiculous distances. Who said there was any recession? The fate of the country is in your hands Malaysians, shop as much as possible!

Which they did, because even the soundtrack to Slumdog has been sold out. Surprising and yet unsurprising, if you get what I mean.

But going out proved to be too taxing on me, I started to cough badly which made my back ache. Classic asthma attack symptoms. So we headed home and now, on a Monday morning, I’m doing work from my home pc. What a shame.

Which brings to my conclusion, that when your life isn’t particularly exciting, why blog about it? But geez, I hate leaving a blog un-updated. Well, that’s not quite true, there are lots going on, just stuff that I’m not quite ready to share yet. Perhaps I ought to just write about it, and when the time is right, un-make it private. Okay, sounds like a decent idea.

Till then!


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