The Grandmother’s Reaction

So all in all, the word is starting to spread of my, ahem, impending nuptials. I would have thought I’d become all strange as a result, as though the announcement would transform me into a blushing bride whereby I giggle softly and keep my glances to the floor away from the open glaring of the opposite sex.

Well, almost nothing has changed then, I’m still as violent as ever, I stomp and storm around to get what I want and surprisingly, not about the wedding either. The wedding euphoria has faded somewhat after Eizwan’s initial proposal as the daunting task of earning moolah for the event has taken over in its place. But I suppose, its just the way I like it, I’m not the sort to fuss over flowers and linen, it’s a shame that I’ll be the one to carry the bouquet when I prefer to be the one with the portable handset barking orders around and putting on the best show EVAR.


Over the weekend, my father thought it was best to tell my grandparents. Originally we wanted to tell them a little later, considering how excited my grandmother would get and she’d start planning for the wedding as though it was tomorrow.

Her reaction was not at all what I expected, more serene than crazily happy. In fact, it was the face of someone whose prayers have been answered by God.

I suspect it’s the latter, she had been praying for me to get married since I left university. So much so that each time she sees me, she reminds me that I ought to pray to get married as soon as possible.

Now that the wedding is definitely in the cards, the next happiest thing for my grandmother is the planning. I come from a family of planners, perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy producing works so much.

My grandmother gave me the evil eye as she asked me what I was going to ask from Eizwan. And there she was mumbling to herself that I ought to ask for a locket, since the one I’m wearing right now is awfully small. And she had a perfect diamond brooch that I could wear.

Notice how my opinion was not required in any of this? My aunt has offered to buy the cloth for my dress in Dubai whilst my cousin and my aunt have been mulling about printing the invitation cards in Indonesia. I am amused for the most part, not irritated, since that is the reason for this one year of planning ahead, anything later would only result in arguments.

Two days and no phone calls. But I do foresee that there will be plenty of excitement to continue.


9 comments on “The Grandmother’s Reaction

  1. Raihana says:

    Congratulations! You’ll have to post at least one picture up from the wedding 😉

  2. Roisin Muldoon says:

    WOW! Congratulations Adlina! Eizwan is very lucky indeed. I’m so very happy for you both x

  3. Adlina says:

    Raihana: The wedding won’t be for ages! It’ll be in 2010 so you’ll have to wait ages.

    Roisin: Awww…thank you! I’ll tell Eizwan you said that 😉 hehehe.

  4. deandra says:

    Gimmie a heads up on the wedding date so I will plan my trip back to KL accordingly!!!
    omgg!!! So happy for u both!!!

  5. Adlina says:

    Deandra: Thank you!! I’ll be sending everyone “Save the Date” cards. I know it’s a bit Western, but I gotta make sure that people can plan around their holidays!

    It’s not till next year anyway 😉

    Xav: You’re coming aren’t you?! Save money!!

  6. apis585 says:

    weeeeeeeee bestnya!!!!
    soo happy for both of u…

  7. Yazmin says:

    Welcome to the family!! (although that may not necessarily be a good thing for you, given our mafia tendencies ahem ahem)

    In true Austen fashion, I will congratulate Eizwan on being lucky and worthy of winning your hand. And to you, I wish the best of wishes.

    Good things! All good things!

  8. Adlina says:

    Apis: Thank you! Although it’s really not for a while!

    Yazmin: Hehehe. As worried as I might be about your family, I worry what you guys might think of mine. We’re a slightly…well, odd bunch ourselves.

    But thank you for your wishes! Eizwan and I are very happy =)

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