And the Eleventh Doctor is…

Quickly now since I have plenty to do, including errands to TTDI and then MammaMia! as a treat from my favourite aunt in the world (hehehe). The news about the new Doctor so, just close this link if you’re not interested. Although I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under since it’s been announced on BBC News.

Anywayyyyyyyy, so I stayed up till 3am last nate, fervently waiting for news in the UK on who the new Doctor is. I had texts coming from the UK, MSN up and running as I went into total geek-mode. I foresee myself severely embarrassing my future children, but that’s okay.

And the new Doctor is….Matt Smith. Um, Doctor Who? Literally. I had to admit, when the news was announced, I was a little disappointed because I had been holding on for Patterson Joseph, whose presence would have been commanding.

But having said all that, I am going to reserve judgment. I was unconvinced by DT earlier, when he became the Doctor but I grew to love him deeply (yes, Eizwan knows this, I love DT) and so, I would not be surprised that I’ll grow to love Matt Smith all the same. He probably won’t be MY Doctor like DT is, but I am sure, Matt Smith is a worthy successor. I hope he’ll have a fantastic costume too!

The 11th Doctor

Boy do I sound like a fanatic with complete faith. Heh.

I’m going to miss you loads David Tennant, you were fantastic as Doctor Who! But welcome Matt Smith to the wonderfully barmy world (read: incredibly opinionated fans who get a little too excited) of Doctor Who!


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