2009 Resolutions

A few years ago, I said I don’t believe in resolutions. And I refused to make one. It was a bit silly to make resolutions especially if you don’t follow through with them. But I’ve changed my mind since. I think resolutions are a great way of going forward in your life, gives you a goal and a direction to follow through, and even if you do fall off the band-wagon (e.g. the losing weight resolution which everyone always makes each year), it’s about trying over and over until you reach your goals.

So my resolutions for the year.

1. Do something fantastic with my writing – I think I’m done with dabbling with writing, I want to go forward with writing and push myself into being a professional. I want to write screenplays, plays and stories that are seen more than just my private circle or Kuala Lumpur. I want something bigger and better just because. So, I’m aiming, a screenplay, a few short pieces that will turn into mini-episodes or webisodes and maybe another play?

2. Editing – I want to finish editing all the stuff I had written over the year, including my own Doctor Who fanfic (read: vanity) piece. Honestly, it was that piece that really jump-started my writing and it’s only fair that I ought to try and put it up online.

3. Publish my novel – ahem? I can’t bring myself to talk about big projects without getting this off the ground. This is something I really want and I’m going to work hard to get this done.

4. Lose weight – Hah. There will be one year when that is NOT a resolution.

5. Be a better person – I need to give more to charity, think of others and not be so quick to judge. It’s not as quantifiable as the rest but I think I need to remind myself to be a better person or I’d just be content with not doing anything!

Heh. 5 resolutions. Hmmm…sounds like a fantastic start to the year.


2 comments on “2009 Resolutions

  1. PJ says:

    Happy New Year Adlina!

    Always a joy reading your blog.

    Good luck with your writing and looking forward to seeing them on the big screen etc!!!

    I think you could be the next big thing Malaysia has been waiting for for so long. (and I mean this with all my heart.)


  2. Raihana says:

    I’m definitely with you on that last resolution, even if I hadn’t exactly included it in my list (actually, one could argue that my entire list of resolutions could be summed up as “be a better person”…). I definitely need improvement in the “not being so quick to judge” area =/

    Oh, and WHEN (note: WHEN, not IF!) you get that novel published, I expect a signed copy in the mail. I’ll pay for it, of course, haha.

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