Snow in Malaysia

This post is dedicated to David, since the picture is taken in his favourite mall in Malaysia.

The one with the lion. They did not put a hat on the lion though, this year, for shame.


Bright red Christmas trees.

So it’s almost Christmas time and for us Malaysians, even for those of us who don’t celebrate it, it’s a time for lots of presents, lots of shopping and most importantly, lots and lots of tacky decorations.

I don’t actually say it to sound cruel, but we are awfully tacky. While I used to be terribly embarrased about our tackyness e.g. the giant lion, our penchant for using the French ‘de’ in the wrong context, like De’Shop, I’ve grown quite fond of our silliness over the years.

Now that it’s Christmas time, all our decorations of course is focused on having a White Christmas because you know, it just makes an awful lot of sense. Never mind that we live in the tropics and the closest thing to a white Christmas Malaysia will ever experience is if Indonesia catches fire and the smog blows over Kuala Lumpur because dammit, how on earth do you play the song “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” without snow?

It’s been raining quite a bit lately in Malaysia and the skies are a dull grey, and surprisingly enough, it’s actually quite chilly here. I could actually pull out a scarf and a coat, and with my eyes closed I could imagine I’m in England. Granted, I’d probably be sweating like a pig within 5 minutes but that’s how cold Malaysia is right now! It would have taken me a grand total of 2 minutes before.

But I digress. Still it ain’t snow. So, the best we can do in Malaysia are snow machines that shoot out foam snow where kids run around and every one looks at the snow in wonderment.

Kids high on sugar and fake snow

Kids high on sugar and fake snow

Watching the kids run around like little cats on catnip remind me how excited I was when I saw the first flecks of snow in Canada and then the eupohoria of seeing the real thing, the heavy downpour of snow in Coventry. And I always have a flutter of excitement when I see snow, it’s something you see on TV and don’t actually get to experience it all the time. It’s something really special.

Not quite there running over fake snow

Those flecks ain't dust, it's snow!

It’s one of the things in life that I would say I’m so glad that I was able to experience. Snow is as great in real life just as it is in the pictures, in the movies and although I’ve not reached the stage where I’m going to start running around in the mall shoving kids aside so I could play with ‘snow’, seeing the ridiculous snow foam machine, well, let’s just say that it tugged a few strings to the cold heart of mine.


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