Under Pressure

Facebook is currently filled up with baby photos as my married friends have now begun to breed and start spouting away additional human beings. I’m not the biggest baby fan in the world but I do have to admit that some pictures did melt the icy grip around my heart and I go “Awwww!”.

As I was flipping through the photos, it suddenly occurred to me that with the superfluous number of baby photos on Facebook, some of my friends must be comparing baby photos. We’re all very competitive people naturally. We compare jobs, we compare salary size, compare spouses and I’m sure people who look at the pictures of their friends’ babies, they must be thinking “Oh, would you look at that? My baby is definitely more gorgeous than that one!”

Urgh. How depressing. Children today are under so much pressure at school, and I foresee it’s just going to get worse. Not only the child would be under tremendous amount of pressure to make mummy proud by playing the piano and the violin AT THE SAME TIME and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro before supper, they must also be ridiculously good looking and cute so that when mummy posts up a picture on Facebook, everyone would comment and say “Awwww….such a cutie.”

Does that mean, some parents probably get all paranoid that no one comments on their babies photos? Do they think, “Hey, A. said C’s baby was cute, but didn’t say it for my baby! What’s wrong with my baby?”

I brought up the issue up with my mum. Mum nodded wisely and said, “Yah! I know. Considering all babies are kinda ugly anyway when they’re born.”


2 comments on “Under Pressure

  1. kc says:

    Hear Hear! All babies are ugly… now, open up your eyes people… they’re pink, loud and burp…

  2. Adlina says:

    KC – I can’t wait till you become a dad and you become all gooey with the sight of your kid. It’ll be youtube time.

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