Of Basils and Dinners

I have a posh dinner to attend tonight. And I’ve nothing to wear. I can go back to my theory that it’s the world versus Adlina again, the best way to humiliate her is to invite her to dinners where she’ll either end up being overdressed or underdressed.

Mark my words, world! If that happens tomorrow, being either underdressed or overdressed, I will go to my next posh function, NAKED. And since the next function is next week, World, you really don’t want to see me naked yet. I haven’t been going to the gym as often as I should.

How’s that for a threat?


I bought a plant. I’ve been meaning to start this hobby since sometime in June, a gardening hobby. Actually, correction, I’ve no intention of starting a gardening hobby. What I’ve been meaning to do is start a collection of edible plants that I could keep in my apartment and harvest. You know, credit crunch and everything means that I could save a bit of cash by eating the plants at home. You can’t eat orchids, you know. Plus, since I love to cook, it’s all about vertical integration. My brother said we ought to get rid of the cats, and replace them with cows since I’ve been looking up techniques on making my own cheese.

Well, not so cruel as to get rid of my cats, but the fresh milk thing and cheese is tempting.

Anyway, so I bought myself a basil plant and I did taste a bit of it recently. I’m a little disappointed that it doesn’t taste as strong as it should. I wonder if there’s a way if to make it stronger.


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