Who Children In Need preview!

To be honest with myself, post the season finale of Season 4, where I bawled my eyes out at the ending, I found myself losing interest in Doctor Who. Shockingly, I was not checking the DW News website everyday (shut up, David) and then I found myself less and less searching for new rumours. When David Tennant announced he was leaving, sure I went weak in the knees and spent my last day in Langkawi mourning his departure as opposed to actually looking at the island but I did not watch the videos of his leaving. Although that might be due to me being in denial.

Hell, I did not even wake up at 6am to download the latest Children In Need episode like I did the last time (really, stop snickering David. I know I’m a geek).

But having remembered that the CIN episode had finally aired, I made my way to Youtube to find the latest episode, the sneak preview of the Christmas special. And I can feel myself smiling (really David, it’s unbecoming of you) and I am SUPER, SUPER excited for the Christmas special now. Now, I’m more than err…convinced that I should go to the UK next year for Christmas just so that I could watch the Christmas special when it happens.

Aaaah! Christmas can’t happen soon enough! After the lousy financial year, all I want for Christmas is Who!


Today I’m about to do something I am completely unused to. I am volunteering myself as a torture victim helper at a kindergarten concert. It is completely unlike me since well, I’m not comfortable around children all that much.

But this would be an entirely new experience, and I’m all for new experiences. I think. I have to say, I’m dreading this more than a dental visit.

I’ll write if I survive tomorrow.


4 comments on “Who Children In Need preview!

  1. Nicole says:

    I was wondering why you hadn’t reacted to David Tennant’s announcement. Can’t wait for the Christmas special! Einstein & Eddington is airing next week! And watch Blackpool if you haven’t already.

    I see your friend David has come over to Malaysia this time instead of you going to the UK to visit.

  2. Adlina says:

    I didn’t react because I was far too traumatised. I still can’t bring myself to watch his video explaining why.

    Is Einstein and Eddington being shown on the BBC? Does that mean I err..have to download.

    Yes, David was here, my David, not the David Tennant. Who knows, now that he’s free from Who, he ought to consider coming down to Malaysia…;-)

  3. Nicole says:

    There was an Ashes to Ashes crossover with Top Gear special for Children in Need.

    Einstein and Eddington airs on 22 November at 9 pm in the UK.

    Imagine, David Tennant in Malaysia! :O It’s not impossible. Gabriel Thomson from My Family took a gap year in Malaysia. And OMG lost Classic Doctor Who episodes possibly in Thailand! Article

  4. Adlina says:

    And I have yet to see those two! And I call myself a Tennant fan. To be fair, I fell asleep during the Quatermass Experiment, I thought it was rathr boring.

    If Gabriel Thomson took a gap year here, David Tennant should take a holiday here! I shall post him brochures of Langkawi, Redang and Sipadan. Stalk him when he arrives at KLIA

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