What happened next

It felt like the entire holiday was a dream. Did David really come over and we dragged each other halfway across the country? Sometimes I’m quite sure I made the entire ten days up in my head, that the entire part up the cable car was made up for drama, in between my struggles for plot ideas for my story.

Speaking of plot, I am officially trying for Nanowrimo this year, as you can see on the widget on the right hand side of the blog. Of course, it seems a little mental when I’m also trying to squeeze in work that I have been leaving behind for a while (which as always in Malaysia, requires chasing, chasing and more chasing) and then further chasing other people. I’m getting unnecessarily stressed but then again, when have I not been stressed.

Other than all that, I have been suffering from a bad headcold since Thursday with an irritating little cough that sort of goes like, “eh, eh, eh”. I’ve been loading up on medication and pain-killers. Occasionally I start veering off-kilter from so much medication, but I like medication, so there’s no complaints. Sure I start to sound a little druggie-like, but why should I detest stuff that make me feel better when my body breaks down.

And bodies should not be breaking down, they should be like the Tefal frying pan or something, good for thousands and thousands of uses.


And something I’m just going to do for fun, if I can bare to look at my writing. Writing something like Nano means the writing that comes out of it tends to be super rough and a little cringe-worthy. But at least y’all know that I’m actually doing something with my life as opposed to sitting on my arse and wishing the day away.

So here it is, in all it’s unedited glory.

The two of them sat together, next to each other on the pool chairs as other guests crowded around them. He hated to stereotype but most of the women guests were crowded amongst each other, whispering fearfully whilst the men gathered in front of their women in their vain attempts at protecting them against the hordes of insurgents that had crashed their party.

“Is insurgent the right word to use in this context?” Edward asked as he looked at the masked men with the banners and the placards.


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