We Don’t Do Sappy

Exasperated people at the Raffles hotel

Exasperated people at the Raffles hotel

It had been a manic 10 days, where David finally (!!) fulfilled his promise to come visit me in Malaysia. From the moment he arrived, it had been an absolute whirlwind with non-stop bantering, insults and eating. I made David  eat assam laksa, nasi lemak and the infamous durian.  He did so without flinching. He made me walk, and when I mean, walk, he made me WALK Kuala Lumpur at the height of the mid-day sun. I did so, with lots of whinging.

But I survived! We survived, really. We survived stares from people, people who wondered if I was dating this not-bad looking white dude. We survived walking KL on foot, lounging by the beach and the pool, climbing up the twin towers, taking an overnight train to Singapore, driving to Shahira’s open house for a traditional Eid do (and getting lost), hiking up to a few waterfalls, staring at tacky Asian sculptures, giggling like teenagers at a fish spa and David survived my driving (although he did shout like a little girl most of the time).

I can’t believe it was ten days ago he touched down in KLIA, after not seeing him for a year and I can’t believe he had just left.  It seems too soon, and even though we don’t do sappy, I miss you tons already and I can’t wait to see you again.

P/S: And! President Barack Hussein Obama. Icing on the cake for an awesome 10 days.


One comment on “We Don’t Do Sappy

  1. David says:

    We do not do soppy, and well you did manage to just about avoid that.

    It has to be said that your driving is clearly not as bad as originally expected and when seeing Shahira’s driving, I would even venture to say that it is very good!

    I had a great time, and will be expecting you in a year’s time.


    PS: to all the non-Malaysians out there – they have a shopping mall in the shape of a pyramid and a golden lion (not a sphynx but a lion!). Priceless….

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