Dead PCs and Financial Tsunamis

To say this week has been uneventful would be a massive lie. My PC crashed and being the procrastinator that I am, everything was lost. Well not everything. I do back up my work, just not consistently. And not all in the same place. Like I have my photos. Just on my Ipod. And not at full resolution. So that sucks.

Most of my stories, thankfully, are backed up with Eizwan. I am forever grateful to him for insisting on reading my stories. That meant that most of my stories, almost all drafts are with him, save for the last two chapters that I have not given him.

Grabbing stuff of various people is going to take a lot of time. Getting your music from your Ipod back onto your PC is a pain in the butt but at least all my music is there. So in conclusion, kiddies. Back up everything on your Ipod. Keep photos in full resolution on your Ipod, or you’d have massive problems. And err…be nice to your significant other. He/She might be OCD and keep every single copy of your writing and so, only a small part of you would die when your pc dies.


I was at the KL Hilton yesterday for a press conference when, by complete accident, I came across Anwar Ibrahim. Those of you of who know me well know I’m not too fond of this man. For many reasons, reasons I don’t feel like getting into on my blog. Last thing I want is to provoke an intelligent discussion (wanking, name calling, bitching) on this blog.

Two things. One, he looks a lot more polished and well, taller in real life. Which is unexpected, since on TV he frequently looks shabby. That might have to do with being dragged in and out jail but I digress.

Two. Daaaaamn, no one told me he was THAT good looking in real life. The photos don’t do him justice. He is one FINE looking man.

Dude, he needs to tour predominantly women areas. And talk about women’s issues. Trust me he’d get all the votes. Even though, he might be, well. You know.


So, S. and I met up for lunch which, as always, tend to rage on till tea which sort of rages on till about dinner time. It’s always a pleasure to meet up with S., she’s funny and smart, and has lots of stories to share. I’m sure the waiters however, find us such a pain for taking up so much time at the restaurant. They frequently shoot us dirty looks as they refill our glasses of water.

Today we discussed about the financial crisis. Despite leaving the industry for two years now, I can’t help but miss the industry. It’s silly too, since, most of the time I did not even know what exactly I was doing back then or how I was making a difference.

We were talking today about the various kids we knew, who lost their jobs from the recent onslaught. The shit is about to hit Asia too, so we were musing how it’s a bit like a tsunami, a finacial tsunami, and we’re just standing here, by the shores waiting for the financial waves to come crashing down on the real economy.

Twas a depressing topic, but I thought I might want to share this thought with you guys. The two of us were grousing about skills and the more we look at it, spending time in the corporate world, gives us, very little useful skills. Creating a power point slide isn’t skills, looking at numbers and coming up with an analysis on the state of a company isn’t skill (well, let’s face it, the numbers were probably made up by the company’s accoutants and the auditors approved of their mad skillz) and since most of us equity/bond analysts never actually ran a company, we know everything theoretically but fat lot of good theory does when everything implodes.

It never, ever occured to me that there would one day come a time where people like Econs graduates, Business graduates would be completely…useless! People make fun of lawyers all the time, but to actually be in the same boat as lawyers, gosh, that’s just shocking. One day, you’re king of the world, the next, well, you’re sweeping the roads you used rule (paraphrasing Chris Martin here) It’s a bit like your feet reaching for the ground and finding the ground had disappeared. So not only do you have a degree that does not actually give you real skills (economists can’t build buildings, can’t cook, can’t draw, can’t really help you with the economy either as the events of the past month have proven) and suddenly, it occurs to you, that if an artist and an economist were sitting by the road-side, panhandling, the artist has a higher chance for survival. At least the artist can paint something.  No one is going to feed you for economic analysis.

How depressing.


Bah, I think I’m falling sick. Which is annoying cause D. is coming over. Am I excited? Ridiculously so. Now all I have to do is lean my room so he doesn’t think it’s a right tip all the time. Just as I’ve done some shopping in Zara so I’d look fashionable, as opposed to the bum that I really am. Although I’m sure he knows that. Meh.

I am one of the few people in the world that is fortunate enough to have my boyfriend’s parents understand that I’m about to go on holiday with another man.

It’s that cracky. Really.


One comment on “Dead PCs and Financial Tsunamis

  1. maya says:

    I mean, to be fair, the other man is not into women AND just for good measure your mother will be there to prevent any untoward fornication. But I digress. I would say you’re luckier to have a loving SO who understands he must share your heart with another ;).

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