The sky has fallen

It’s 2:52am and Congress had just rejected the $700b bailout plan. Honestly, I feel like the sky had definitely fallen now that there is no intervention.

I’m not cheering the US economy is failing. As my friend S. puts it, America likes to eat. And when they go on a diet, the rest of us feeding the US is going to start dieting too.

In this case, America is not just going on a diet, she’s starving because she can’t afford to feed herself. The rest of the world…well, it’s not like we can sell our produce to Mars.

I can’t help but feel very angry at the Republicans who have rejected the bill based on their feeling that it is more important to keep socialism at bay rather than save the economy and the very people they claim to represent. I understand the concept of exemplary punishment, support the idea of free markets and free will but when push comes to shove, when people start losing their homes, what is more important? Values or making sure that people have enough money to pay their mortgages.

Are values worth putting aside for when people are suffering? Or should values remain an ideal that should never be put aside at any cost?

The only silver lining I see in this crisis are the people atthe RGE Monitor are banging on their drums saying that there are other alternatives, smarter and more efficient plans than what they call Paulson’s one (granted, it’s not their name and reputation on the line). So here’s to hoping that something logical will be done within the next few days and for a better plan.

There have been far too much drama in 2008. Here’s to a quieter 2009.


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