Checking for the Sky

Lately, I noticed that I have developed a very strange habit. After reading an article in the papers, I’d look outside my window to check if the sky, is you know, still up there. So far so good, the sky has not fallen yet and if you’ve been following the news especially from those heathen papers like the New York Times or the Guardian and the incredibly pessimistic Bloomberg, the sky should be predicted to fall…sometime within the next few days.

Today, after reading the news that Paulson literally knelt before Pelosi, begging for the bailout plan to go through, I think it is best for me to just hermitize and not read anything, not watch CNN and just stick to places like Fandom Wank and Fandom Secrets. I’ll probably start picking up fanfiction again. You know the Doctor would know how to solve this, and most fanfics are written by chicks who could not care less about dairy contaminants and the failing economy. All they care about is the power of David Tennant’s hair, which I have to admit, is indeed very powerful. Swoon worthy.

So this is my declaration to the public that I’m going to try my hardest to stop reading the NYT and the Guardian and think happy thoughts. And send positive vibes to Wall Street (because God knows they need it now). After that, I am going to throw myself into work and writing my novel whenever I can because at least in my story, I’m in charge of what happens there.


One comment on “Checking for the Sky

  1. KC says:

    As chief Vitalstatistix would only fear the sky falling on one’s head.

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