Peace on Earth

With all the things that are going on in Malaysia and now, Delhi and the rest of the world, I’m thinking those beauty queens definitely had something going for them when they say they wished for peace on earth and for all of mankind.

It really is not at all a stupid request.


3 comments on “Peace on Earth

  1. Well said.

    It is co-incidental that we have just watched a chat show on Malaysin TV whereby Jason Lo chat with a former Miss Malaysia. She mentioned that there are girls genuinely wish for world peace. Though some may think it is funny or perhaps they were only acting it out to gain points.

    Have a nice day folks.

  2. KC says:

    Is it me or does every beauty queen waddle up in an impossible gown with the biggest smile on their faces and they all wish for the exact same thing… world peace… is it written in code somewhere in the depths of history, beauty queen school history nonetheless…

    Sigh, guess its a nice thing to have… after all dear, we’ll always have global warming to harp about.

  3. Adlina says:

    IM – Lol, with beauty queens, I never actually got the feeling that they were acting it out. I think they actually do feel like they can make a difference!

    KC – Global warming will affect me tomorrow! I shall worry about it tomorrow =P

    Procrastinate much!

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