Can’t Live

One of my fondest memories of uni was a trip down to Cornwall. A bunch of my Malaysian friends and I made a huge trip of going down to Cornwall, four cars in total I think, visiting about five tourist sites a day for three days.

On the final day, we were going to St. Ives before heading up to Coventry and all of us were shattered from the non-stop sight-seeing. So there were about five of us in the car, and we were leaning against the car window, all quiet and keeping our thoughts to ourselves with the music in the background.

I remember, it was Shahira‘s music that we were listening to. Shahira had a decent mix, a good mixture of pop and rock, and some sappy sentimental hits which suited perfectly to the scenery that is Cornwall. Mariah Carey’s “Without You” was playing and the whole car was silent as we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the south of England. It was with almost reverence that we took in the sights, the blue ocean that we drove by, the green rolling hills of the English countryside….when suddenly the ENTIRE CAR simultaneously started to wail,


Is even possible to listen to that song without suddenly wailing, “Can’t live?”


3 comments on “Can’t Live

  1. Deandra says:

    hehehehe. Sounds like fun, ads
    U might wanna check this out..

    Ken Leee….

  2. Deandra says:

    eeepp…my first comment has gone missing!

    The trip sounds fun! It reminded me of something i thought you should check out.

    Ken Leee……..dubidubidoooo

  3. Adlina says:

    Aiyaaah! Did you know my spam catcher marked your comments as spam and I only caught it this morning! How irritating!

    Yes, the video is absolutely hilarious and painful!

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