When you’ve got nothing else to write about…

News that caught my eye over err…yesterday.

1. The rights to bear arms in school – A small school in Texas has given permission to their teachers to carry guns in school. Now, imagine what it’d be like to forget your homework in that school. How sure are you that your teacher ain’t gonna pull a gun on you for not studying?

In all seriousness, I’ve always seen schools as a sanctuary, a place where it is safe and to a great extent, a place where idealism is nurtured. I imagine if a teacher carries a gun to school, it would be impossible to forge a bond of mutual trust between student and teacher, which does not bode well for education. I can’t trust a teacher who carries a gun. He has a freakin’ gun after all.

2. How to do propaganda – this one has been making rounds in the Western papers, I haven’t checked if Asian papers are printing this one yet but I find the 21 edicts by the Chinese government deliciously funny and creepy at the same time.

3. Making a statement – A piece of art that looks like a giant turd (the size of a house!) floated around Sweden, breaking a window and bringing down power lines. Sometimes, you just can’t make this shit up (pardon the pun)

Have a great Monday!


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