The Blue Peanut Brittle

I never fail to amuse me.

So whilst taking a break from work, I decided to make peanut brittle, the one candy I cannot seem to master. After following the recipe very carefully, to the T, when it was time to put in the vanilla extract, I put in BLUE FOOD COLOURING by mistake. BLUE. FOOD. COLOURING.

I am now the proud inventor of the blue peanut brittle. Which might or might not be binned, depending on the taste of the thing.

Yes, you heard it here first, folks. The blue peanut brittle.

Pictures will follow once I’ve finished scrubbing my now blue hob and blue saucepan.


ETA: Having actually eaten one of those blue brittles (which actually look emerald in the light), suffice to say, they taste burnt (but that’s my fault…tricky things, these candy) and have a bitter aftertaste. The after taste of too much food colouring.

Sigh. I’m leaving them in my fridge and hopefully some fool, i.e. my brother, might be tricked into eating them and therefore not wasting my cup of sugar.


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