Journey’s End

So it has been one helluva week. Well, it was one hell of a week for DW fans as it marked THE END OF SERIES FOUR Doctor Who. I was so traumatized by the ending that I spent most of Monday moping. And whenever the Doomsday theme played, I’d burst into tears.

I’d like to come up with something more coherent for Journey’s End but I’m so awfully tired right now that it’s going to be impossible. The best I can do at this point is to post an incoherent thought at 12am.

*Spoiler alert for DW – Highlight if you will*

It took me a while to get over Journey’s End. At first I wasn’t so sure how I liked the ending. Granted, I loved how emotional and weepy it made me and my sister. We started crying from the moment the Doctor decided to let Rose go on Bad Wolf Bay and I was pretty unsure about human!Doctor. Losing Donna of course, was painful and Wilf’s homage to the Doctor made me cry.

Loads of fanfic later and writing one for myself, made me realize that I was pretty okay with the human!Doctor/Rose ending. I love the human!Doctor, he’s as real for me as the timelord!Doctor and I can make peace with that. And nothing remains impossible in DW, Rose came back, the Master came back and the Daleks came back every season. So, in my mind, Donna will come back too. Or at least, that’s what fanfics are for.

BUT, we got our Doctor/Rose kiss!! Which made me so happy! I love Rose so much as a companion and as a female character on TV. I love how flawed she is, I love how hard she tries and how often she gets it wrong. I love how petty she can get and how much she loves the Doctor. So, even though I’m a little sad that Mickey left to join Torchwood in their real universe, I’m happy she got one version of the Doctor who was willing to give up the universe to be with her.

And Martha and Rose liking each other! Awesome possums, considering how much their fanbase hated each other. I knew they’d have liked each other having met!

*End spoilers*

Alright, originally I planned on writing loads about this week. But it seems that by 12am, I’m out like a baby and it’s difficult to form intelligent thoughts much less regurgitate them into a coherent form of prose. So instead, I bid you adieu with fandom squealing and then write on my blog things that I’m going to write about tomorrow: plot on wall (well, literally) and a new project am working on. Been a busy, busy bee so probably why I’ve been so tired!

Bye bye!


2 comments on “Journey’s End

  1. YkK says:

    Donna, oh Donna…

    Must… get… hold… of… Doctor Who season 3!!!!

  2. Adlina says:

    Seen Season 2 yet?

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