Spring Cleaning

With the economy going through a massive downturn, it is hard to find anyone feeling cheerful as of late. Oil prices have started to creep into every day affairs and I am really starting to feel the pains of inflation. Knowing full well income has not adjusted for the rise in the cost of living, times are going to get real hard for a while.

So, what is a girl to do?

The answer is clean the house! Really, it is an odd answer to the economy but when times are hard and you start clinging to the old ways, you realize that the best thing you can do is to keep treading water and keep your head above. This is my attempt at trying to live an efficient and a less wasteful lifestyle and hopefully, a more economically viable lifestyle. The other added bonus is that it allows me to distract myself from the reality that is Malaysia: high food prices, high fuel prices, sodomizing politicians etc.

One of the hardest things about cleaning up is letting go. The rule of thumb is that if you had not looked at a particular item for over a year, just throw it out. Heh. Easier said than done. After going through my stuff from over the years: from high school days up to my time at work, I feel like I’m ripping my heart out of chest when I have to throw out at some of the my notebooks that I’ve kept since I was 11,  my old music pieces and souvenirs from India. But I have to accept that these little treasures of mine are ancient and useless. Unless I become famous, which is unlikely in the foreseeable future, these items are certainly not E-bay worthy. Even the late Heath Ledger’s signature could only garner 500 USD so I doubt my hat from the Tibetan Children’s School is worth anything.

Except my heart and soul. Boo hoo. But who could put an Ebay price on unquantifiable things like heart? There’s no economics of love. So out it goes.

As the clutter goes out, I hope that I am opening doors for newer and greater opportunities. This is me trying to be optimistic. I understand that optimism isn’t a very fashionable trait for a write and cynicism is far more worthy a trait of an artist. BUT cynicism has a tendency to make you curl up in your room, write emo poetry whilst listening to emo music. There’s a charm in being optimistic, it allows you to forget reality and stay deluded. If delusional is what keeps me fighting to survive, I’ll choose optimism any day.

Bwahahahahahaha. That’s hilarious. Optimism over cynicism. The next thing I’ll say is that I’ll start singing kumbaya and holding hands around the campfire and be all hippie. Right.

Seriously though, it does feel good to throw your old stuff out. Out with the old, in with the sustainable life. And knowing I am changing my life to make it more viable economically and environmentally, it’s something to make me feel good during these hard times.


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