Forest of the Dead – Thoughts

Spoilers ahead for “The Forest of the Dead” – Doctor Who. Although, if you haven’t watched it yet, what kind of Doctor Who fan are you? I’m still doing penance for being behind, what’s your excuse?

After watching “The Forest of the Dead”, I’m not sure I actually like the Doctor anymore as a character. For some reason, I had a feeling that the future Doctor did not actually love River Song. River was in love with the Doctor, as all his companions are recently, another very irritating and contentious point for me, but I kept getting the feeling that the future Doctor did all those things: the sonic screwdriver, telling her his Name (so mysterious, it deserves to be capitalized) that he did it because it already happened.

And it really gives me this terrible belief, that the Doctor is willing to care and indulge his feelings on a companion when he knows exactly what was going to happen to them i.e. in this case, death. Which makes him an incredibly selfish man.


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