I’m back and feeling like a million bucks after the trip to the US. I had an incredible amount of fun and now, looking forward to the future. As opposed to dreading it like I usually do.

But oh, the jet lag. It’s killin’ me.

Probably won’t write too much about the US trip because it’d probably take too much of an effort to write out everything that went on.  For the most part, it was sight-seeing but the fun really came from spending time with the family and doing things we usually wouldn’t do. Surprisingly, I might add, the five adults in the family DID NOT strangle each other despite the close proximities we shared for four weeks.

I learned a lot about the South and a lot more about the Americans. AND, I did not come out jaded from the US, I still came out of the country with a deep-sense of admiration for the Americans, the same kind of admiration I had for them the last time I went there.

So, Savannah, Orlando, Atlanta and Savannah again. Now I know what they mean by Southern hospitality and I watched America made history by nominating the first minority as a Presidential candidate. This is a country where anything can happen and I understand why so many people are so easily seduced to staying on.

Fantastic stuff.

And I’ve been writing. Lots of writing. Will be posting some more fiction stuff soon. For now, I’m off to lunch and to sleep. Jet lag.


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