Political pondering

Childish political dithering ahead:

I wonder if a two party political system works. I know for one, if I can’t stand the incumbent I would vote the opposition to get rid of the incumbent. But it doesn’t mean I actually like the opposition. So, instead of choice, we have the lesser of two evils.

I don’t quite get how this is democracy: instead of picking the best candidate, you pick one where you hate least.


3 comments on “Political pondering

  1. J. A. Carizo says:

    I agree with you. But talking about democracy, the two party system is not really what the Greeks originally conceived of it.

  2. Adlina says:

    No, it isn’t. I’m wondering if there is a better alternative to a two party system. It’s efficient but not necessarily better.

  3. J. A. Carizo says:

    Yes there is: Multi-party system but proportional representation. Just like most of the parliaments in Europe (i.e., Germany, etc.). In PR systems, the number of seats are alloted based on the number of votes.

    For the presidents… Run-off elections will do. There will be at least two rounds of elections. In the first round, many candidates are allowed to participate. If no candidate is able to generate a majority of the votes cast, another round is held this time, between the top two candidates. The US primaries is crudely based on the run-off system. The problem with the primaries is that only the members of the party votes. In the run-off, everybody who is a qualified voter is allowed to vote in all of the rounds of election.

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