Thoughts on today

Sometimes the world moves so fast, the world spins so fast that I don’t know if I could stop and take a breath, look around and calm down.

What if I die if I stop moving? So move I must.


For some bizarre reason, I started to feel all nostalgic and started to look through pictures of some of my friends when they got married, one of the couples I know (well, actually ALL of them are) is expecting a baby now.

And the scary thing is that I realize that I could actually one day tell their kids, “Well, listen kid. I’ve know nyour parents since before they got married. Your dad over there, he’s not as macho as he looks. He used to sing Justin Timberlake. Before he turned all Timbaland on us.”

To which, in my dismay, the future kid would reply, “Eeew! Dad! I can’t believed you used to listen to Justin Timberlake. Only OLD people listen to Justin Timberlake.”



Never mind. I figured the best way to traumatize my friends’ children would be to actually tell them, for them to actually exist, my friends HAD TO HAVE SEX.

Which actually, thinking about my friends having sex is a traumatising thought in itself. I’ll shut up now.


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