Venue, venue, wherefor art thou my venue?

So the trick about putting up your own play in KL is getting a venue. And to actually have the foresight of booking a venue about 6 months in advance. Because to suddenly go on a whim and feel, “Hey, what the heck! I’m gonna put on a play next month!” is just not a good idea. In fact, it’s heart-attack inducing.

No worries though. We’re almost there in booking a venue.

But, should you need a consultant for a venue in KL, you can always call on me. I know every single theatre, auditorium and lecture theatre in KL after this little sojourn of mine.

Production meeting today:

Our evil accountant Yazmin sat down with us and made the artsy types face to the realities of running a play. That meant number crunching, from phone bill claims to petrol to even pizza dinners for actors. After pulling TEH EVILZ CALCULATORZ out, the number came up to a whopping…well, a lot. It crossed the RM 10,000 boundary, a boundary that I hoped we’d never cross.

It was amazing that I didn’t faint really. But certainly the directors and producer turned white as sheet as the cliche goes. But it’s a bit like exam results. Best to get it out of the way.

On other unrelated but very important news:

‘The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ the TV Series will premier tonight in the UK! It’s directed by the recently late (I think this sounds like an Indian term, but I could be wrong) Anthony Minghella. It’s a shame none of my fandoms seem to enjoy the novels. Can’t squee about it with anyone cept my mom.  I hope I could download it tomorrow!


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