Bizarre dreams of being a Thatcherite

Yeah, you read that right.

I dreamt I was a Thatcherite, of all bizarre dreams to have. And I woke up feeling cheered. Which troubles me since it may suggest, underneath it all, I have the cold, unbeating heart of a Conservative.

So after finding it difficult to get some male actors, Louisa posted an audition notice on Kakiseni. I’ve been rather reluctant to do so, since that would mean putting us up on the bigger radar screen (considering there’s just so many things are up in the air right now) but with less than fantastic response for male actors, we needed to. Response so far has been great but, to be honest, I’m dead, dead nervous about it!

Yesterday, worked on a rough timeline, all in all, everything will be rather tight since we need to find a venue, which shockingly, we don’t actually have one yet and even a little bit of funding to make it a little easier on our pockets to make this play work. The adrenaline isn’t pumping through my veins yet, I’m just very cautious about what’s going to happen. It DOES feel like we’re jumping off a cliff, head on.

Tomorrow, tomorrow. We’ll have tomorrow. I have an accountant already asking me very difficult questions, and now I have to identify all our possible sponsors. Need to raise approximately RM 3000. Shouldn’t be to hard, eh?

*Shivers slightly*


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