Seeking Men and Health

Whaddya think of my new heading? After months of fiddling with Photoshop, I think I’m not minding my photoshop skills, as basic as it might be. Hehehe.

So the past few weeks of running on adrenaline and coffee has taken its toll on me. After very, very vivid dreams of my boyfriend, Eizwan turning into a murderer which ironically, becomes a case I solve (complete with a reveal, Hercule Poirot style – a definite sign that I read and write too many disturbing materials), I woke up feeling feverish and miserable.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that about 3 weeks after recovering from my last bout of flu, I’ve fallen ill again. My paranoid mind is on an overdrive, what with the flu outbreak in Hong Kong turning deadly. Tis not a pleasant thing to be ill.

On other news, my life is slowly but surely being consumed by “Coming out of the Closet” henceforth, known as COOC because I can’t be arsed to type something long. Working on COOC reminds me quite a bit like Malaysia Night back in Warwick where there is plenty of bribing, threats and begging to be done. And it’s only just the beginning.

Hahahahaha. Ahem.

Audition call for KL. We have 5 male parts and so far, only one male actor have agreed to come for the auditions. So I’m putting up here that parts that we need:

 Auditions Call for “Coming Out of the Closet”!

Ashley (early-mid 20s, male, any race)
Fun-loving, caring humanitarian type with a penchant for breaking the rules. Sensible at times but mostly utterly irresponsible. Also known as Tenderheart, the Care Bear.

Suren (early-mid 20s, male, Indian)
Gullible,slightly neurotic and narcissistic. Suren has a inferiority complex, is easily riled and is pretty selfish. He thinks he was born in a village somewhere between Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. He can’t remember.

Ling Ling (early 20s, female, Chinese)
Speaks only in 3rd person. Ling Ling is the model Chinese daughter, dedicated to her parents, obedient and kind. Unfortunately, she hasn’t an ounce of intellect in that bubble head of hers, but there could be a hidden side to her. (Isn’t that always the way?)

Azhar (30s – 40s, male, Malay)
Feeling washed out and off his game, Azhar comes off leaving the impression of being slightly too sleazy and inappropriate. But he’s just a sensitive man, really, terrorized by his wife’s antics speaking of which…

Nuraini (30s – 40s?, female, Malay)
War-crazy,violent and aggressive. Has Daddy issues. Nuraini rules her life withan iron fist and the military will always have a special place in her heart. Nothing matters except her personal war between herself, and the world.

Osman (20 – 30s, male, Malay?)
Coffee addict that twitches and is obsessed with scandals, but really isn’t a very good reporter. Has a thing for proclaiming himself ‘The Reporter!’ and saying ‘Scandal!’.

Hao Ming (mid 30s – early 40s, male, Chinese)
Completely neurotic, everything must go according to plan. He has a plan, but he doesn’t have the confidence to pull it off. Nervous, easily overwhelmed and frustrated. Poor guy, everything never goes according to plan.

My personal opinion is that age doesn’t really matter as hopefully, we’ll get some very talented make up artist to work with us 😀 So, um, any makeup artist willing to work with us?

We aim to put the show up late April, early May. It depends on how early we can raise funds to book a place in KL. So…come on and join the fun!

Any questions? Either Facebook me or message me below. I’m more than happy to respond!


One comment on “Seeking Men and Health

  1. cass says:

    PLs let me know if u still need a makeup artist or a troop

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