Coming Out

Thanks to Ashes to Ashes, I’m starting to discover the New Romantics era. I’ve never heard of them in my entire life, and thanks to Wiki, which says it was prominent in the early 80s and mostly in the UK, I don’t feel I’m that much of a doofus for not having heard of such an era.

So, 2008 is the year of the 80s soundtrack for me. As I walk about running my errands, I imagine Visage’s Fade to Grey in the background. When things are going wrong, it’s David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes.

I might just start wearing androgynous make up and book an appointment for a perm.


On other fantastic, awesome, awesome news. On my entrepreneur workship front, things are going well. I might be closing a deal and chasing on two prospects that would give me some income. I’m grateful especially after a difficult past two years.

But the other news that I am pretty excited to share about is this:

My co-writers, Alex, Louisa and I from our NIDA-Astro course have finally completed our stage play. After hours of writing, screaming, tearing your hair out from the insanity, our play: “Coming Out of the Closet” is finally complete, and ready for production!


Coming Out

Coming Out of the Closet

Office politics can be deadly. Just ask Ashley and Suren; they’re hiding in a cabinet
in their boss’ office in the middle of the night, where their boss has arranged a
very questionable meeting with an innocent and clueless co-worker. But being discovered
by their boss is the least of their worries. How about a disgruntled colleague turned murderer wannabe, or a scandal-obsessed reporter with a thing for coffee? Even worse, what about the boss’ war-crazy wife? From gun juggling to secret office hijinks, it’s going to be a long night!


Anyway, I’m pretty excited. We’re very serious about producing this and have already sent out a call for auditions. We’re also looking for a production team which include but are not limited to:

Stage manager, Director, Accounts, Set designer, Set builder, Costume manager, Props manager, Stage hands, Lighting technician, Sound technician, ushers, producers, publicity manager, fund-(seeking) manager.

If you’d like a chance to enter theatre, no matter what skill level you have, you’re more than welcomed to join in. We’re all amateurs here but we do endeavor to pursue the project as professionally as possible!

So email me, or seek us on Facebook. No matter what your experience level, you’re welcomed to join us!


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