Mixed Feelings

Being absolutely honest with myself, I have mixed feelings about the election results. I saw one minister I admire lose his seat, and this minister is actually competent and intelligent…my heart just fell. I was talking a friend of mine, and she said she felt the same way. Quoting my good friend SW, she said “Sometimes the head needs to rule the heart as well.”

To be honest, I am absolutely nervous about the new questions that will be asked in parliament. We’re not talking about questions on corruption. More like, “Why can’t we increase fuel subsidies?” or stuff like, “Can’t we have more price controls?” And the dreaded, “Why does the stock market go up?” Dammit, read Wikipedia for the latter!

As a citizen, I’d love to have more of those things. But as a level headed economics student, we can’t. Not without bankrupting the country. Subsidies are awful, they create economic distortion that eventually will run the country down.

My hope is simple. With no 2/3rd majority in Parliament means policy making will slow down. Which is a good thing since you can actually ask the right questions. The key here of course is right questions and not letting emotions rule over your head.

Which is going to be bloody difficult because a chunk of economic policy-making will be counter-intuitive. Helping the country can actually mean raising interest rate, removing price control and God forbid, cutting down on oil subsidies. Incredibly unpopular decisions that will save the country.

If you do want to help the country, for goodness sakes, put your heart and emotions away when you make the decision. No economic policy gridlock, please. If there is one thing that I’m okay with the country is how we run our economy. It’s run relatively well, and hats off, especially to BNM and to Dr. Zeti, Governor of BNM.

But other than that, the evil side of me is relishing with opposition in power. BN always needed a kick in the butt and quoting the Guardian, it’s always easier to be opposition, mischief-making is much, much easier. Running a state? Two different things.

And, temptation is always there. Money is what makes this government go round. Let’s see how long everybody’s moral standing can last.

I take back what I said. No mixed emotions. Ooh, we’re in for a fun ride. I can’t bloody wait.

P/S: Thank you EC for running what I perceive has been a fair election. =)


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