With elections just around…well, tomorrow, it seems kinda wrong for an ex-politics student like me to actually not comment on politics. I did however, work for two years in Government (yes, I was with The Enemy) and having signed agreements that said “Thou shalt Not Spilleth or We Shall Incarcerate you…4EVA” has sort of made me a little wary about sharing my feelings on politics publicly.

To be fair, this year’s elections have been rather mild and aside from the “Deny Barisan 2/3rds majority campaign!” which bloggers have been falling over themselves to write about, there’s nothing really exciting going on. So far, we’ve only had one incident of pelting of students with rocks because emotions ran high and people thought they might be phantom voters running about, spoiling the votes. It wasn’t the case however, and they were just students so that’s okay. I consider tensions running high when a TV3 newsmen has been kicked around. So far all TV3 newmen are safe so probably one of the more peaceful elections yet.

My only political opinion that I would like to share with everyone is this and it’s not even an academic one: I understand that tensions are running high and that it isn’t easy competing against an incumbent who has the machine at hand. It’s very easy to blame conspiracies when things go wrong especially during the election process.

But take it from an ex-government servant. Most government servants spend their office hours sitting down around at the pantry, exchanging baby tips and then berating themselves because they have no idea what they’re supposed to do. If you’re telling me that these people are the ones cooking up conspiracies, I’d be laughing at you. It’s incompetency you’re dealing with here. Rarely conspiracies.

I hope that everyone voting will be nice to the people at the polling booths and understand that if something does go wrong at the polling stations, it’s probably a mistake some doofus of a civil servant made, rather than a political conspiracy. The civil service ARE people too (despite some quarters assessing we’re not quite human) and they are part of the electorate. Kindness goes a long way at winning votes rather than angry words.


One comment on “Conspiracy

  1. Jesse says:

    good advice

    nonviolence, patience, diligence.

    it willl work!!

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