Ranting and Raving bout Efficiency.

This is definitely one of those days when I’m irrationally, well, pissed off. Thing is, I consider myself to be a pretty efficient person. Maybe not as efficient as David per se who would always have everything prepared a week before a trip (as opposed to frantically stuffing your bag in the night before and wailing you don’t have sunscreen for the beach trip) and will up and waiting in the living room waiting for you as you fall out of bed and stumble into the shower trying to keep your eyes open to catch the first train out at 5:30am.

But all in all, I’m pretty efficient. I am the sort of person who does pay my bills mostly on time, I had never not met a single deadline in university.

So, it irritates the hell out of me when people just can’t be decent enough and be as efficient. Efficient like making payments on time. I also have an intense dislike to people who expect you to do things for them out of the goodness of your heart. Like hello?! I charge here, I need to earn a living somehow! Do I look like I really care if your boss is going to yell at you because you’re so incompetent? And just because we’ve met once or twice, it doesn’t make it a good enough reason for me to bend over backwards and do all your shit for you? If you want my services, you have to pay for it!

And this especially, really bugs the hell out of me. Just because you are rich, you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth or shoved up your a***hole, you seriously cannot expect that people will do things for you just because you’re used to it at home. Welcome to the real world, dearie. If you don’t get off your arse to do it yourself, no one will.

And oh, oh! Treat people with respect! You never know when they might just come around and slash your tyres. Or not bother to call the ambulance if you get knocked down by a bus *cough* my ex-boss *cough*. They might not do that if you’re actually nice.


Man, that felt good posting that up. =)


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