I officially Hate Xanga

With the second time, Xanga failing on me, it certainly is time for me to move to another site. Since I love the cleanliness of WordPress, wordpress here I come!

Will be spending most of this week importing my Xanga entries to WordPress, which will be kinda tough since I wrote on Xanga for the past 6 years. 6 years eh? That bloody rocks!

I will be keeping tabs of all my Xanga subscriptions, that means I’m going to RSS all of you and link you here. But it is certainly time to move on!



I am going through the very painful process of slowly uploading each entry here on WordPress to make me feel at home. Reading through my old entries made me realize how happy I was.

In the spirit of the elections, I would like to say: curse you BN government. You’ve turned a happy child into a cynical monster.

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2 comments on “I officially Hate Xanga

  1. Skwermy says:

    YAY…I am thinking of moving as well, and I got you all bookmarked and RSS as well…..keep writing, and we will keep reading!

  2. Adlina says:

    Come over to the WordPress side! It’s so much friendlier than Xanga, but glad you’ll still be reading!

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