Sunday February 17, 2008

Undilah Saxon 08


As inspired by the folks at Ihasatardis. Jan asked me why I would vote for an evil alien. YKK and my answer is pretty much a nobrainer. Because he’s John Simm, that’s why.

Political discussion up ahead, feel free to skip it.

Come elections time, it would be the first time (I hope) that I would be voting. I’m pretty keen on voting this year, not just as a citizen of Malaysia, but it will be my first official vote as I overslept on the day I was supposed to vote in the UK (which was a real shame, since I was proud of the fact that being a non-citizen I was still allowed to vote). I was 20 when Malaysia had its election in 2004, therefore I was ineligible to vote, but now in 2008, I will be 24 and therefore completely ready to vote.

A lot of people asked me on who I would vote for. That question, if I take it seriously, is a difficult question for me. I think the reasons why I vote are slightly different from why other people vote. I take voting very seriously, I take it as a duty as a citizen. Just as we frequently call on our politicians and our ministers to uphold the integrity of their position they fill in, I feel it is just as important that we as citizens uphold our duty to vote. As a citizen of any nation or state we’re in, we have responsibilities to fulfill and one of them is to vote.

One thing that fascinated me about voting this year was the question on “Who should you vote for?” If you had asked me that question three years ago, my answer would have been simple. I was going to mark a cross for every candidate on the paper. Why? Because I wanted to record in a spoilt vote, an abstain as a mark of protest on every candidate represented. Since we can’t actually say, we abstain, a spoilt vote in my mind, is the same as voting but abstaining.

Which brings back to my original dilemma. In 2000, I was absolutely furious when some left-wingers voted Ralph Nader in the US Presidential Elections, which in my mind, cost Al Gore the elections resulting in 8 years of Bush. I suppose as a non-citizen, it was easier to pontificate. I have my own selfish reasons why I didn’t want Bush there (and to be fair, so does most of the world) and because some of stupid, selfish ideal (or so I thought) these people denied the world a fairer leader (of course, this is merely speculation, we hope that Al Gore would have been a better leader, he could be fairly disappointing like say….Gordon Brown)

Now that it is my turn to vote. A lot of discussion have been forced on to me (another issue which I’m fairly bothered about, politics is fine and dandy, just don’t force it down my throat) and some of my more vocal friends have been saying, “Deny BN the 2/3 majority, vote opposition.”

Fascinating. I’m not about to say who I’m about to vote, it is my right to keep that to myself but I do feel like  I am faced with the same dilemma those on the left in the US did. Should I do what I said I would do? If neither candidate stand for what I believe in, I ought to record in a spoilt vote? Should I only vote for a candidate that stands for my ideals and my beliefs?

Should I do what my friend S is thinking of doing. She feels like voting for the incumbent as she believes the incumbent is doing a good job despite if the incumbent is actually, well, part of the Firm? S believes that voting should be based on the qualifications of the individual candidate, as opposed to if the individual belongs to a party who isn’t doing such a great job leading the country right now.

Or should I do what a lot of people feel would be a good thing, even if you feel you’re dealing with the devil, at least a vote with the opposition is a lesser evil than voting for the incumbent? I’m no fan of the incumbent but to be honest with myself, I’m no fan of the opposition either.

So the question I have to ask myself now, is what is more important to me? Voting in what fits my personal ideals or voting in what I feel would do good for the country? For the individual or for the country? For what is fair to the individual candidate or for the overall country again?

Feel free to contribute to this discussion all three of you reading this blog, hehehe. Any lurkers too, but be nice!Since politics is frequently incendiary, keep it civil and polite

And for the rest of us who just don’t care, which I know, there’s a bunch of you out there. I feel for ya! It’s also your right to not be interested, so whoever shoves politics down your throat, politely tell them to shove it up their arse.

That’s what democracy is all about.

Posted 2/17/2008 at 8:0 AM


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