Saturday February 9, 2008

Weekend in Bed

I had plenty planned for the CNY weekend. With KL being virtually empty, I reckoned it would be a good time to explore the city and you know, do the pretentious thing of getting inspiration for writing. That sort of thing.

What I didn’t count on was falling sick over the weekend. Come Friday morning, I was a wreck and Eizwan had to drag me a to a clinic where the Doctor took one look at me and piled on a ton of medication. I have drugs up the wazoo and I konk out in a half an hour’s time of taking the drugs. I wake up just in time for lunch or dinner, eat whatever is available, take the drugs and konk out again for a good five to six hours. Repeat cycle and that is my weekend.

The good news is that time travels faster when you’re sick and all my downloads are over by the time I’m coherent. So whilst I’m eating, I catch up on some Torchwood which I like but not quite adore and of course, the TV show that gives me butterflies just thinking about it: Ashes to Ashes.

After the final, incredible ending to Life on Mars, my life teetered on the edge until Ashes to Ashes. I missed the characters of Life on Mars like old friends. Seeing Gene Hunt on the screen again was like…life was complete again. And is it just me or have they made his character sexy? I’m like phwoar! He’s sexy!

And Alex Drake is hot and they have a healthy dose of UNRESOLVED SEXUAL TENSION together. And UST is love as they say.

Or I say it. I don’t know who else says it.

I really want to get some Tanjong Ole out by tonight. And emails too. Because it’s not nice to leave things lying around incomplete. I maybe messy but I have some sort of strange order in my brain that helps me function. That means replying Facebook messages, emails and blogs. That sort of thing.

Okie, I’m going to konk out now. When you re-read the same sentence over and over again, you know it’s definitely time to go. Bye bye my loves. Till we meet again!

Posted 2/9/2008 at 11:34 PM


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