Sunday January 27, 2008



The thing is, I frequently getsome of my best ideas whilst I am driving in my car. As skilled a driver I might be *cough cough*, it wouldn’t do to actually whip out a pen and paper and jot down ideas whilst I navigate my way through KL.

Yesterday, I had the most brilliant idea of tape recording some of my dialogues using my phone. So I squealed away my dialogue on the phone whilst Eizwan drove to Rasta for a small Warwick gathering *waves to Kelly*. Sometime after midnight, I uploaded my recordings to transcribe what I’ve said.

And had to turn it off immediately. How terrible it is to figure out that you sound like a bimbo.

No Tanjong Ole this evening. I’m aiming for one for tomorrow, as of right now, I’m currently swamped trying to finish my short story for the MPH competition. I am incredibly exhausted. Writing is like a marathon. If I don’t get published, I’ll probably put the story up online on my FictionPress site, so that you lot could read it.

Posted 1/27/2008 at 9:26 AM

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