Sunday January 20, 2008

Title: Scream
Series: Tanjong Ole (Previous chapters can be found here)
Rating: G
Author’s note: Can barely keep my eyes open to publish this. But as always, much love, many thanks, kisses and hugs to Eizwan for beta services.


Doctor Kelly Chan was happy the day was over. It was her third day in this strange little town of Tanjong Ole and so far, everything was, well, it was alright.

The healthcare was certainly acceptable. If her new housemate Liza was anything to go by, the people of the town were a little odd but generally very kind. Despite her parents warning her that she was far too modern and that she might offend the town-folk with her city ways, they were generally less judgmental than she had expected.

She knew her parents were disappointed when she was posted to Tanjong Ole when most of her friends were posted to University Hospital and GH. They must have thought she could not survive in a town that was three hours away from Kuala Lumpur.

But Doctor Chan had a secret. She actually applied to come here.

After London, the whirlwind lights and sounds of KL, and then Steven. God, Steven. She needed the peace and tranquility a small town would give her to forget all that she left behind.

As if on cue, a crash resonated through the clinic. Doctor Chan froze.

“Who’s there?” she called out.

No reply. The nurses had gone home. Did they lock the door on the way out? She knew she should have asked a nurse to wait with her whilst she closed the clinic down. Being alone was not the wisest of ideas.

Doctor Chan got up from her seat, looking at the medical equipment in her room. Nothing in this room could be used as an effective weapon. Her heart started to beat faster.

Another crash.

God, how stupid was she assuming everything was safe just because she was in a small town.

“Who’s out there? I know karate!”

The door opened. Doctor Chan screamed.

Creative Commons License
Tanjong Ole Series by Adlina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Malaysia License.

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