Monday January 14, 2008

Title: Kehidupan di Marikh

Series: Tanjong Ole

Rating: G
Author’s Note: I was a bit concerned that I couldn’t get this out on time. Many thanks, hugs and kisses for Eizwan coming through at the last minute. This one is for Koon who is going through Life on Mars withdrawals.

“Kehidupan di Marikh”

“You’re nicked!”

Sergeant Izwan was manhandling a young man, a spotty oily-faced teenager, by the collar. The young man, still buzzed from the drugs in his system could only stare back dumbly at Sergeant Izwan, open-mouthed.

“I’m a deputy to the law! I will not have drugs in my town” he barked. “You understand?” The young man nodded slowly, far too stunned and high to respond.

Sergeant Izwan forcefully shoved the young man into the cell and slammed the cell door. He turned, his bomber leather jacket whirled behind him as he strode out.

And bumped into a mystified Inspector Jamal standing by the entrance.

“Sergeant?” Inspector Jamal inquired mildly.

Sergeant Izwan gave him a confident grin. Selamat petang, Guv.”

“Guv?” the Inspector repeated. “Sergeant, why are you in a leather jacket?”

Sergeant Izwan held his hands up as though expecting the Inspector to admire the leather jacket. When Inspector Jamal did not respond, he launched into his explanation. “I was watching Astro at my sister’s and there was this great police show. Life on Mars. I’m inspired, Guv, to clean up this town just like they do.”

Inspector Jamal studied his Sergeant’s plain clothes appearance. Sergeant Izwan beamed as the Guv studied his outfit, taking in the jacket, the striped wide collared shirts, the flared trousers.

Sergeant Izwan didn’t think the Inspector’s eyebrows could go any higher. The Inspector blanched before leaving him be in the cells, muttering something about needing tea and “At least it’s not Magnum PI”

Creative Commons License
Tanjong Ole Series by Adlina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Malaysia License.

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