Saturday January 5, 2008


Of High Tolerance and Writing Ideas

For months I had been suffering from bad sound quality due to a wonky cable from my laptop to my stereo. Finally, I gave up and headed to a shop and bought myself a new cable. Only to find it’s a bit too short. Bah, humbugs (plural, yeah, in emphasis of greater frustration), so now my table is mess of wires and stereos so that I could listen to music.

I have a great tolerance threshold I must say. Just as I’ve suffered through a massive headache the whole of yesterday because of my sinus problem. It was only after Eizwan dragged me to the pharmacy did I load up on Zyrtec-D. After popping one in and two panadols later did I feel so much better.

After reading Faren‘s article about Helicopter Parents, I’ve added Hover Parents to my list of things I would love to write about, if I could find a proper angle. As much as I keep banging on about wanting to leave Malaysia, I have to admit, the thing that inspires me the most to write about is still the Malaysian society. My personal take on Chopper Parents in Malaysia is that they go beyond your career and well into your married lives.

I raise my eyebrows when I hear some of my friends getting married because some of them are well, so irrevocably…childish. It’s a bit like me getting married really. I can’t even get the proper length of sound cables right much less run a household and take care of a husband. Well, scratch that, my husband ought to be able to take care of himself. If he needs to depend on me, then we’re back to the irrevocably childish bit which equals not-ready-to-be-married!

Speaking of writing to go back on my original topic, I am trying to organize a gathering of writers to sit down and discuss their work. Currently we focus on screenwriting, which is fantastic but I’d love to have a small gathering of writers, once a month to discuss other works of fiction. I’m also stuck on trying to figure out where 10 people can gather comfortably to discuss work for about three hours without getting cabin fever or shouting over the din of a mamak stall. Someone’s house you say? Who has a house big enough to fit 10 people in for three hours to discuss works of fiction comfortably?

Bah, humbugs.

Update on Tanjong Ole will be sometime in the afternoon. I’m waiting for my FictionPress account to be activated. So all, Tanjong Ole drabbles and mini-shorts will be archived there so that you wouldn’t have to trawl through the uber-complicated Xanga to find shorts. Regular updates will be on Sunday afternoon. Irregular updates should be anytime within the week.

And Torchwood in less than 10 days. My Doctor Who cred will suffer if I don’t catch up on Torchwood, even if Season 1 was perhaps one of the most tedious television I’ve ever seen. So I’m off to catch up, and if you don’t see updating much, whatever free time I have will be dedicated to Season 1 Torchwood.

Posted 1/5/2008 at 10:16 PM

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